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While we are in the preparations for the Formula 3 2021 season and the first race is expected to be held in Barcelona on May, we have to talk about the drivers who were present in 2020. One of them is Russian, he’s 19 years old and his name is Michael Belov. Arrived during the season at Spa and having even registered his first point, we will present him.

Michael Belov is a 19-years-old racing driver. This young Russian is a talent of SMP Racing, team for which he raced in 2017 and 2018 in SMP F4 Championship. He finished that year in 2nd place. The following year, he joined Italian F4 Championship and take the 4th place. For purists, you probably discovered him in Formula Renault Eurocup, then in Formula 3 with Charouz Racing System. We spoke with Michael about his memories, his 2020 year or his training.

In a word, how would you describe yourself and why ?

Michael Belov : Wolverine, in my opinion I’m aggressive but carefully aggressive, doing things with head.

Now the season is over, what will you remember from this special year ?

M.B : I will remember for sure FIA F3, that’s unforgettable for all live. And also 1st round of Formula Renault Eurocup.

At the beginning of the season, you were in Formula Renault Eurocup. What do you remember from this experience ?

M.B : I remember everything from Eurocup, how to drive and what work on.

During the 2020 season, you join Charouz Racing System in Formula 3. How did it come about and how did you react when they told you that they wanted you ?

M.B : I was happy and same time shocked, because for me it was a big step forward and also a good chance. Honestly I quite calm and unemotional, but inside me was explosions.

You have run 6 races in F3 this year and you have won 1 point. What will you remember from this experience with Charouz ?

M.B : Yes, these 6 races were cool, but I learnt a lot, especially the fact that qualy is very important, complicated job, more control inside car and atmosphere inside team, was really warm. I joined at the end of the season, without tests, I think we were not bad at all. I will remember Monza, both races.

At 19, you were able to race in Formula 3 which is not given to everyone. What was the most difficult thing when you arrived in Spa for your first race ?

M.B : Spa was difficult in both sides, new track and new car for me, I had only a few push laps to discover the track and feel car. This is not similar to Eurocup, much faster, more downforce, different work with tyres, etc.

“Inside me was explosions”

Russia has excellent pilots like Daniil Kvyat or Nikita Mazepin. Do you know them personally and if so, have they given you any advice ?

M.B : No I don’t know them personnaly, but with Nikita we had a battle in Asia F3.

There are a lot of important aspects to train like the physical or the mental. How do you work them ?

M.B : I think preparation is always personal, I have my training plan and also simulator.

What is your opinion about France and its new generation of pilots like Esteban Ocon or Pierre Gasly ?

M.B : Honestly I’m not following on that, I work on myself.

Do you have a dream and if so, which one ?

M.B : My dream is win F1 title, and after that beat a record. Yes first dream win F1 title and second is beat a record of amount of titles.

What advice could you give to a youngster who dreams of becoming a Formula 1 driver ?

M.B : I can say, never give up, improve yourself.

Photos credits : Michael Belov, SMP Racing and M2 Automotive

Pavel Clauzard – 10th january

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